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What is an Affiliate?

Most of the Affiliates of Ancient Youth Secret include those who have studied and become certified through Ancient Secrets Academy to help others - qualified to know what Ancient Secrets to recommend to others in order to have the best results for people's health, wellness, and beauty.

As certified consultants and affiliates, they also have an opportunity to receive some compensation for helping others improve their mind, body, and emotions.

Other Affiliates may include those who have large email lists or other data-bases of people -- people who would likely respond well to an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Ancient Youth Secret educational or herbal products.

Additionally, Affiliates may include those who have their own online webstore or other distribution channels, in which they want to promote the very high-quality educational or herbal products that come from Ancient Youth Secret.

Affiliates are accepted by application only.

If you are already an Affiliate you can log in below. If you are not already an Affiliate, but you are interested to be, you can now follow the "Procedure for Applying to become an Affiliate" below, or send an email regarding education & certification process to

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