• Healthy Hair Oil - 200 ml


Helps to stop itching scalp
Pitta and Vata reducing
Highly absorbable nutrients to promote healthy hair growth
For intense scalp repair, relief, and rejuvenation
Directions: Apply Dr. Naram’s Healthy Hair Oil at night, keep on overnight, so it goes into scalp. In the morning you wash it with Dr Naram’s Healthy Hair Shampoo. For best effect also take Dr. Naram’s Healthy Hair Formula, Herbo Cal Formula, KeshVruddhi Formula. (Also request special Siddha Veda diet) It may take 23 months to 23 years, but 90% time success comes if people are persistent. (many have gone from not a single hair to now a full head of hair)


Dr. Naram's Formulas Use Only the Highest Quality Fresh Herbs, Combined according to the Ancient Processes given in Siddha Veda scriptures, dating back to 2500+ years ago

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website: ancientyouthsecret.com

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